Consulting and Coaching in English

Consulting and Coaching to achieve your company and your personal Goals

We – the team of „Unternehmerlotsen Bayern“ will do our utmost that you can achieve your dreams as an entrepreneur. We look at your vision, analyse your current status and potential, plan with you the road to success and accompany you in realising your plans together with our huge network of partners who can accompany you in every area where we can’t or don’t want to. Our team is trained to meet the highest standards and have the same ambition to help you in achieving the success you want and deserve.

Whether it’s financing you need, optimisation of your business and processes, support with your start-up, we are there for you right by your side and our network of trusted, reliable partners (tax advisors, insurance brokers, lawyers, whatever) will be there for you as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, your vision and your goals.